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    Slow motion mode

    I was gonna say if you want slow motion play The Specialists. I know i do.
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    Rate The Signature Above You Part III!

    A comic strip which u kinda didn't make urself so i can't really rate it but.... 5/10 :S
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    Gotenks Badge Poll!

    Blue, then black ^_^ can i use one in my sig too? I stole one from someone already lol :P
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    a Chinese esf player's wish

    Im sure a language pack isn't that hard along with the Japanese sounds. The Japanese sounds are an option to install anyway and im sure there's stuff on esfworld.
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    True DBZ Beam Starts

    Hmm, maybe the coding prohibits that? Or is it just a case of getting a sprite. if that is the case then maybe look on esfworld or something?
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    What Gohan's Shield Attack should have

    Good idea, i like it.