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    Hi all

    I just decided to haunt this old place. What a blast from the past. I wonder if anyone older than my account is still around
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    The Good Ol' Days.

    definitely nice to see the old faces. Hopefully you'll see a little more of me here and there but that all depends on work schedule and not forgetting to come on every so often and say hello. I don't want to Hijack this thread but if anyone wants to chat feel free to hit me up with a PM.
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    The Good Ol' Days.

    Did I count as the one of the biggest trolls?
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    Son of the Sword

    Congrats Rich. All the best!
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    my my where has the time gone

    Hey Guys, I've been good. only back briefly but who knows i may pop in from time to time to say hello. sadly I no longer rock the north end, i recently moved to the south end of the city along with getting engaged. other then that work keeps me pretty busy with a side of World of...
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    my my where has the time gone

    Hola everyone! Man I haven't been back to these forums in a long time. I'm even more surprised that my account is still active. Most won't remember me but I'm sure there are some older members still kicking around that will remember me. Anyways I noticed e-mails in my old inbox and thought i...
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    Post Your MMO Acc/Char's

    only 4 months into Wow and it's pretty fun. here are my toons. 40 Mage 58 Warrior 20 Rouge 30 Paladin
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    Check Ures net speed here

    Here's mine
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    Post Your MMO Acc/Char's

    Just started playing WoW Server: Ravenholdt Player name: LiteNET Race: Undead Class: Mage Level: 5
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    Happy Birthday Pickle!

    Happy birthday Rich..
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    Screw the iPhone, make your own!

    your posts make jesse cry
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    I'm going fishing Eh?

    ahh cool, we live about 25 min from Selkirk.
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    I'm going fishing Eh?

    i should have read this before, Majin_You and myself live in winnipeg and very close to one another. Winnipeg's ok but not the best place to go fishing. Especially on the red.
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    Post Your MP3 Player

    I win! Mine Owns
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    Icq problem

    i gave up icq after i couldn't remember my 32 digit long ass number