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    y doesnt goku have spirit bomb when ssj

    The movie (13?) that many of you refered to in Goku as making a Spirit Bomb as Super Saiya-jin, the one with the Androids is true. However: He did not make the Spirit Bomb and cannot make a Spirit Bomb as SSJ. (Unless another movie goes against this.) Anyways. Goku rises from the water to...
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    mystic and ssj2

    He became both faster and stronger by mastering the immense weight of the Z-Sword. However, the 50 Generation Supreme Ki unlocked much more power than the Z-Sword itself ever could.
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    Transformation Levels

    Actually, he did go SSJ2 in the Time Chamber, however this was not during the counter to SSJ Goku's Kamehameha Wave. Note when Goku explains why Gohan can beat Cell there is a time where he is fighting Gohan in the Time Chamber, shortly afterwards Gohan falls to the floor exhausted. As Goku...