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    CPU Survey

    Processors ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Number of processors 1 Number of threads 4 APICs ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Processor 0 -- Core 0 -- Thread 0 0 -- Core 1 -- Thread 0 1 -- Core 2...
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    ESF Sneak Peek

    Ah k. Fair enough. Thanks ^^
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    ESF Sneak Peek

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that was impossible because the charge vocals would finish before it passed that line on the charge meter where it was actually possible for the attack to release.
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    ESF Sneak Peek

    That video was fantastic! Very enjoyable. I love all the detail the team has put forward into this project. Now I'm really hyped for more content ^^ Although, I have one nitpick, sorry ^^; Is Goku not going to vocally charge his Kamehameha before releasing it now? i.e. You're not going to hear...
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    Epic Battle Effects

    Man, you're getting me hyped. Haven't played esf since 1.2.3's release and now I feel like playing again ^^
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    Epic Battle Effects

    Cool idea's Although, with 4), the players first time transforming should also be a lot more epic (e.g. with Goku, lightning should strike around the whole stage), longer, they should be invincible (thought they can't stop this first transformation to avoid spammers), and everyone in the map...
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    1.2.1 patch issues

    perfect for meens that the sayain can go ssj perfect as it meens he has mastered it so he can transform instanly!
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    Some new sigs..1 simple..1 not

    thx alot man
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    i think trans killing is pretty stupid but if ur in the middle in a fight with someone and he starts to transform when it stops ur fight i say BLOW THE **** OUT HIM
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    How to install Dedicated server Crap

    yes of course u can
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    About my USB (needs help)

    yeh i got a USB head set to. all u have to do is go to the control panel and go into audion settings and customize for u to talk through ur headset and listen through ur speakers (not headset!) because for some reason it wont let u listen through the headset for me
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    How to install Dedicated server Crap

    when u only have 1 steam account and 2 computers (which is wat i have) u can still play on both computers using the same steam account but theres a catch, u cant join the same internet room, so the only way to vs each other on 2 comps with the same account is to make only lan games not internet!
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    Best Attack

    ummm i probaly would say kamehameha because its pretty average all around average charging average power and u can move around while charging it
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    Ginyu Animation Preview

    haha that was funny and looked pretty cool
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    that problems been bugging me for ages finally i can play those maps :laff: