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    immortal when transforming

    A simple solution would be when you start transforming, you cant suddenly cancel it. That would make spamming it as a free shield impossible. Make them invulnerable during this time, and for several seconds afterward, so some **** wont hit you with a kamehameha or something right after its done...
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    Compatibility with other mods FMOD.dll

    After downloading the FMOD file from this site and installing it, ESF 1.2 worked fine. However, I have a mod called Sven-Coop, and when I try to play it, it gives me the same error I first got with ESF about not being able to open client.dll. To remedy this, i keep two versions of FMOD in My...
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    What do you expect from beta 1.3

    I would love to see Goku get the Kaioken attack. Just listening to him yell "KAIOKEN TIMES (insert random amount here)" and seeing him light up in a fiery red aura and speed toward some unlucky fool...that would be awesome. A good way to balance out the temporary PL increase would be to have HP...
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    Beta 1.2 Trailer

    IMPORTANT NOTICE! ESF 1.2 has been delayed because of a stolen source code! O_O Man, that would be scary, and a little ironic. Now, lets see what n00bs just read the first two lines and go nuts. :D
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    Beta 1.2 Trailer

    I want to watch it so bad! Over my 56k it will take around 6 hours to download though. Ill have to do it overnight... ;(
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    Where is everybody?

    Yea, hopefully 1.2 will bring some people back...oh and I like your name Ender! I'm reading Shadow of the Hegemon right now, and i just got done with Enders Shadow. :yes:
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    Where is everybody?

    Sorry Dixing, I didnt see that other thread until I posted this one. :tired: Anyway, I hope people start moving over to Steam. I'd like to start seeing new people. WON is going to die soon, much more likely so after HL2 hits the shelves. People need to start migrating over before that happens...
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    Where is everybody?

    I love ESF. I believe its one of the best non-valve created mods out there. There are hundreds of people on the forums that agree with this. I am confused, however, of the lack of actual PLAYERS. I am constantly on Steam playing, but it is very rare to find any more than 10 servers up at a time...
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    New Spirit Bomb Sprite

    Ive never used any mod making tools, so i dont know if what im about to say is possible. Could the spirit bomb sprites look more like spirit bombs? In the show, they have a whitish core surrounded by a thick blue energy layer and small energy lines coming out of it (in both the small and large...