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    I've liked what I've seen of ESF:Final since the first screenshots/videos back in ... 2006? I...

    I've liked what I've seen of ESF:Final since the first screenshots/videos back in ... 2006? I patiently await the release that will happen ... eventually. Also I just really like reading updates on this game for some reason, so I thoroughly enjoy the long and slow journey as well.
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    Frontpage Yes.. We are still alive!

    👌 Actually now that you mention it, I vaguely remember reading something like that a long time ago. I forgot, which isn't a surprise I guess xD In any case thank you for your continued work!
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    Frontpage Yes.. We are still alive!

    Thanks for the update. I've been wondering if you were going to update the struggle system. So this is a good day. 👍 Edit: Ah and this might be a silly question. But have you decided on a UI yet? I remember you guys struggling with finding one and trying out like over a dozen different designs.
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    How to kill 20 people with a ki-blob

    Recipe : 1.Take a level with dragonballs (e.g. wubigarena) and choose Freeza. 2.Then power up to 10 Mill with the help of the dragonballs. 3.Then transform into Freeza2 and go into one of the upper corners of the level. 4.Put 20 bots into your level. 5.Press t (Turbo) and shoot 10 ki...
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    The more people the stronger the beam?

    I noticed that if there are many people in a server, a beam gets very strong. The explosion radius is enourmous. A comparison : Death ball with no bots in the server : Death ball with 20 bots in the server (10 good, 10 bad) : Death ball with 7 bots in the server (4 good, 3...
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    Esf Beta 1.1 Maps

    There are more maps of beta 1.1 Mr.Satan. I want the original maps.
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    Esf Beta 1.1 Maps

    There are totally new maps in ESF beta 1.2. I don't have ESF beta 1.1 anymore and i want to play these maps (and I want to have dragonballs). Where can i get these maps, perhaps someone can post them here? Thank you!
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    My new map esf_grandkaiarena

    As long i can remember this arena was on a round flying island (rock) in "Space" and the ceiling was a biiiig dome. The texture of this dome was like grey squares.
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    i think you should make a model for the YELLOW cloud, if this is possible! ( A BIG YELLOW CLOUD!) Then the cloud should be under the snakeway and should cover the whole map and you can hardly look through it, but you can fly through it!! Also, i know this was mentioned, you should add a...
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    I think they all say red, because this is the "hell". I also think it is yellow, because i can`t really remember a red lake!
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    I think you schould make two lakes One yellow and one red!!! :p
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    Isn't there a big tree with apples or something like that? The fruits of this tree are better than the sensu beans! I remember that son Goku ate one to the way to kaio. I think a big tree should be included, where sensu beans are under it! Or something like that! And my suggestions to the...
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    I wanted to know, why in the sprites folder of the esf mod is a weapon_sword.txt . In the Game is no sword, so why? ;/
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    Need background song of esf clip

    There was one esf clip of vegeta in lava-pit, he shot a generic ki beam or was it a gallit gun? He jumped around and such things! I don't know more, but there was a background song in this clip! One of the devs made the clip over 1 and and a half month ago! I think perhaps it was longer ago...
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    Need Background-Music in a video clip of esf

    I search for the background music of a video-clip of esf! In this clip, there was vegeta in the map lava-pit! I can remember, that he shot a gallit-gun. He jumped around and and such things. It's not a new viedeo-clip and i can't remember, who of the devs made it! Please post, if anyone...