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    Anyone know of any good TBSG (Turn Based Strategy Games)?

    My mates a big fan of a WW2 turn based game... cant remember what its called :p and i think you can get like a trial for free There were 3 games Barbarossa to Berlin .... Operation Overlord and another 1 :fight: Someone help me out with a name? :]
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    CS:Source or CS 1.6

    Source is new... some bugs still need to be sorted ... there needs to be some form of recoil but still i voted for source... the guns the maps the skins the physics everything is better looking and plays better. Bring on the Age Of Source :laff:
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    Raditz rules! even if he did suck....
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    Rate the Signature Above You

    Sorry but is that what im meant to be looking at.... :scared: Erm i give IT 5/10 :s Kelesk made me this...BIG UP
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    Best Strategy Game to Buy ¬_¬

    Well lol i went and got The Battle For Middle Earth....looks good but i can tell its not going to be a classic or it will last me more than a month or so....havent treid the online play yet so that will add to it :smile: I give it 7/10 so far :yes: :no:
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    Best Strategy Game to Buy ¬_¬

    Thanks guys...ive played most of them in my old lan... think ill go with LOTR ^_^
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    Best Strategy Game to Buy ¬_¬

    Im a big fan of strategy games *i think thats the right name* and ive just completed R:TW so i want to know what you guys think i should get next.... the new LOTR game looks pretty gUt. :cool:
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    Amazon is selling a "full" version of ESF

    I saw a similar thing on ebay... saying its a early version of a game that will come out early next year... probably just trying to get some $$$ :devgrin:
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    What's Your Favorite Video Game?

    from list > hl2 of all time.... mgs
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    Rome: Total War

    GREAT GAME I was so close away to turning on the other 2 familys then taking full control...when i had to re-partition? my pc :S Havent got round to startin it again :cry:
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    Snake Eater >_<

    Thanks >:D .. i've just swapped my ps2 for a electric guitar .... have to wait even longer... might buy another ps2 :x
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    Snake Eater >_<

    It seems every site i go on to try and get info about the game and to find out when it comes out they all say different dates... could somebody please tell me a date they know for sure/have some sort of proof thanks. PS doesnt it look schweet <(^_^)>
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    What song are you listening to right.... NOW Revived!

    Trashmen- The Surfin Bird (The crazy one of Full Metal Jacket :laff: )
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    I have a question...

    Have to wait for Dragonball Adventures :S looks great though!
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    Budokai 3

    Any chance in hell that it'll come out on the PC?