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    Buster Gundam skin [WIP]

    I like it. Great job :)
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    DRAGONBALL ZETA! on byond! (its a game! and its free! read!)

    100mil in 3 days eek! :) if played 2 days im now at 750000 i can go ssj 2 weee :P
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    DRAGONBALL ZETA! on byond! (its a game! and its free! read!)

    Woohoo i just started looks like fun but im also having allot of lag :( my name is kostro
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    Jet Lee

    Jackie chan never fought bruce lee where did you hear that lol. And bruce lee did al his own stuff. I say benny Urquidez is the best fighter alive at the moment. He fought over 200 fight and never lost 1
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    Jet Lee

    Jet li is a Wushu worldchampion wushu is not fighting They just preform the most amazing moves they know :) Check if you wanna see some Wushu action they got some great videos there Dont get me wrong i love jet li he is a amazing martial artist he can do amazing stuff...
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    Jet Lee

    Stop the Jet li vs bruce lee stuff If they would fight jet li would lose Why? becuz he has no fighting experience, he trains wushu wushu is not made for fighting its an art form. Bruce lee sparred/trained with world champions people like joe lewis, bob wall, chuck norris. Just watch...
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    Jet Lee

    Agrees with XxGojetaxX :) Jet li is cool 2 cant realy compare him to bruce lee
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    Wich country are you from?

    Holland! :)
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    Adding bots?

    You need to download the bots first you can get them here download them put them in your esf folder in you half life directory. now you should be able to add bots :)
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    Lol intresting :)
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    vote for ESF!!!

    Natural selection is wining with 31,9 % esf is at 2,4% :(
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    My new bots

    Woohoo i can play capture the dragon balls again :) keep up the good work!
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    The sky is falling,mom?.....

    My sky also turns weird sometimes but it doesnt happen on my dads pc. I think it has something to do with my videocard
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    Half Life PC Game

    Esf is a mod based on halflife so you need the game half life to play it
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    My new bots

    Wow! thanx for taking the time to make these bots they rock :) I dont have any problems with lag when im using these bots