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    Frontpage Earth's Special Forces trailer- Saiyan Trio

    IMO the camera shake needs to have less of a repeating circle motion, maybe even more subtle and random if possible. Other than that great work so far everyone. Hopefully the positive reactions to this trailer motivate some further progress and maybe an influx of help ^_^
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    When is the next steam chat Q/A and live gameplay or stream?

    I missed the last steam chat q/a that was a long time ago, but the thought just crossed my mind again. I really want to be able to plan to see it this time! Thanks ^_^
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    Minion special forces?

    Well dang I didn't mean to open up an old can of worms haha but like I said I find the history pretty interesting :P Thanks for your replies guys (I guess I'll take what I can get, if it's the truth or not)
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    Minion special forces?

    Ah I see :P interesting background!
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    Minion special forces?

    Hey I was looking through old emails, and I found this one from the ESF team back in 2006: "Dear current/former ESF member, As you may know ESF 1.3 was never going to be released. A number of factors have contributed to the demise of development (social lives, college/university...
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    Hoping for a Christmas video!

    Hahaha! That was pretty good :P
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    Hoping for a Christmas video!

    For Christmas I asked Santa for a new ESF video. Anyone else do the same?
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    Realized something just now.

    Yeah the first time I saw ESF I was at a place where they do LANs, you pay like 6 bucks for the whole day and play on their comps. Anyway I was in there playing halo on pc back in the day, and I heard like, swooping, and kamehamehas, and I was like "Wtf? dbz?" So I walked around and saw the guy...
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    Hosting an east coast ESF server

    Unfortunately I have some Thursday night partying to attend to, but I'm on break from school now so I'll def be on!
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    Hosting an east coast ESF server

    Growler! I miss you! :P I would be down to play. I'm West coast, but I suppose I will have to compromise :)
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    Is there a to do list?

    Yeah I literally asked this question a while ago, since Natural Selection 2 has exactly what you're talking about. These were the responses I got: "Get Satisfaction is a really terrible tool in my book. It's tracking functionality is questionable at best. NS2 had to do something like that...
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    [Old PotW] CHIDORI!