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    That is worthy of my comment. GOOD PIC!!! I love eyes.
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    New Sig

    btw, brighten is spelt wrong in your sig
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    sig for someone

    All those swirls in the middle look too busy. I'd say back it off a bit. Too much going on in a tiny sig.
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    Haven't made a sig in awhile...

    but what do you think of this one? I know, shes wearing clothes...but whate'er.
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    new sig

    Too much going on. It NEEDS a border. And another thing it needs is the buu a little faded, and the goku pic looks kinda pixelated. Not a lot but a little bit. Could use a smudging along the edges. And the font sucks (too hard to read)
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    anyone like my new sig?

    I use PSP 7 so you CAN do good stuff with it, but I'm still think it needs improvement. Just fool around, you'll get it soon enuff.
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    my sig

    how about just get rid of the pic altogether and add your name and do some effects and such.
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    Sig Competition results + Vote

    That it has and I believe the polls are now closed. Thank you everyone. In case you NEED me to say, Wogasm Places First Dakilla Second Eagle King and Im4 third Thank you for participating. And to Wogasm, congratulations. You win!
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    Forum sigs

    Hey Silent. Thats kinda harsh for a mod.
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    New sigs needin some comments

    Just so you know, the only ones I put an EFFORT out on, were last 3, mainly the last 2. The problem is that on a new forum a lot of ppl have been askin me for sigs (i'm makin 3 or 4 a DAY) and it's frusterating to keep everyone diff. So i was lookin as to which style you thought I should kind of...
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    New sigs needin some comments

    More detail? on what? there are no pics, and they were all sharp except for the matrix style which he wanted blurred. I don't think that was a crit as much as it was a comment bcuz you personally don't like me. :cry: :devgrin: :devgrin: :devgrin:
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    Army, join in..where..

    I think joinging the army is smart. Think of it, if you are gonna get drafted in a war anywayz, wouldn;t you want to have gone through FULL training so you won't die?
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    New sigs needin some comments

    Been swamped lately with sig requests, I made a few I wanna show off. Some of them were rushed but some rn't that bad. I not needin CRITZ but if you see somethin i could improve on, say somethin. I'm all for improvement.
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    My5tIcDrAg0n's sig thread

    avoid the diff color first letter. It's good in BG's but not that great in sigs (when i see it done)
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    the font needs more depth. Like, it looks tooflat compared to the 3-d image. It just doesn't fit. Maybe give the text a rounded effect (bevelled edge or something like that)