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    Picceta Skin :D

    Omg.....cant be.... it cant dumb and Trunks learned to go SSJ4 during this fight but it didn't help at all. Also during this battle Tenchi Muyo died of a heart attack. Him dieing had nothing to do with the fight except for tenchi in dragon ball? to find the Angel Fart...
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    I have some good ideas for some characters and transformations

    and i have some also 1:cell should run with his head down and his arms out and he should make that weird noise 2:the energy waves from transformations should knock people back 3:i forgot:fight:
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    Im new---Please rate ESF from 1-10

    **** yeah you get to fly around like (swoosh!) and be like (smack) and go (oh yeah you want some?) my rating is......12 out of 10