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    I give away $20 Bills

    If u want to make some good cash go to this website *Link Removed*.
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    cant get the sound of turning supersaiyan

    i had the same problem, are you sure you have half-life update if you install it your sounds will be back
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    Hey you guys where can i download this steam, not the pack that 300mb thing
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    What will u do when 1.2 is out?

    Okay you guys are talking so much about steam can one of you people please help me cause mine still doesn't want to work, i really want it to work
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    Connecting to Server

    Hey I keep trying to connect to a internet server but each time it says to me your earth special forces is executable want to look for update and it keeps sending me to the half-life update which I allready did a million times can somebody please help me :cry:
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    Other ESF patches

    I heard there was patches that other people made to do more than one transformation, do you guys know where to get it
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    E S F

    Where can I download ESF beta 1.0 with no errors :confused:
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    E S F

    Where can I download the Full ESF beta 1.0 with no errors :confused:
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    ESF on HL-Radio: Recorded

    With what program did you guys unziped it cause my WINRAR doesn't want to work
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    New Version

    What must the editors still do until the next version is ready by example tune the models, new attacks stuff like that???
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    What's new in ESF Beta 1.2

    There is something wrong with that page it says cannot connect to server
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    What's new in ESF Beta 1.2

    Hey!!! Whats coming our way in the new version of ESF :devgrin:
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    Music While Transforming

    Well I listen to the music files themselves so I couldn't have deleted them
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    Music While Transforming

    No I don't have the mp3's on It doesn't work anytime during my whole game
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    Music While Transforming

    Can you tell me why my music doesn't play while I acend to the next level PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME :cry: