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    Piccolo Render

    Picolo looks very cool but with 4 fingers looks strange was better with 5 oO
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    How to make models and maps

    Can somebody tell me how to create esf models or maps?Or at least how to edit them,and what kind of programs i need to do it. plss i really need help
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    Kami's Lookout

    And u have a release date ?plss tell, i really like this game somebody told me that is half done and will take 5 years more I ask to much i hope this is not a proablem
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    Kami's Lookout

    You mean Esf Final Beta?
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    Object based blur on characters

    You should make shenlong with 4 legs and biger will be nice if u do that
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    Kami's Lookout

    when the map will be finished?or u already finished it if you finished this great map can u give a link? plss