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    the downloadl ink to the steampack doesnt work. ne links to steam esf cache ?
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    please help

    yeah..... still dont work. i cant play without those buttons. im so used to them that ne other way i play i cant. ;(
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    please help

    I use the some of the keys on the num section. in game they dont work. can ne one tell me why ?
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    100% Frieza as shown there he has a small portion of tail gone. its still plainyly visible. and yes thats 100%
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    CC trunks skin WIP

    now that trunks kicks azz, gj man. :laff:
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    JaNeMbA rEsKin

    umm did janemba have a sword ?? cos i prefer him with tout the sword.
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    Raditz v3

    omg totally awesome,raditz rules.gj on the face,and the scouter.looks good i will definately use it.may i ask who it replaces?
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    Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix [Spoilers?]

    lol naw but serously i do enoguh reading on the net so i dontl ike HP or the movies.
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    Grand Tournament Info

    Lemme in on the action man !!!!!! i wanna fight !
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    New Buu Attack

    but it would be spammed a lot,i had an idea that they can make buus human extinction atack.he should only be able to use it as evil buu,and he can put one hand up.and shoot sum balls and they should be like scatter beam !!!!!!! attracted to people!!! wutcha think?(also it shuld take a lot of ki...
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    super saiyan lightning

    would be totally awesome since i love ssj3 goku !!! ^_^ imagine ssj goku transforming with a lightning aura into ssj3 awesome i say.good suggestion.
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    Can Any One Tell me.......

    Thanx a lot man i knew gsf had 1.1's but the site is down ty for the link[EDIT] the zip files has nothing in it....... :cry:
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    Can Any One Tell me.......

    Were To get a 1.1 compatible mystic gohan pack?because the old mystic gohan oack doesnt support 1.1
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    tmnt pack

    here are some suggestions maybe you can make krang!!!!!! krang was a main enemy.and the foot soldiers were purple dude.......BTW krang is the brain in the robot THAT CAN SHOOT BEAMS
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    I Hate It When U Modelers Do This!!!!.

    well...... yea that sux,but u have to understand these moddelers amde them for themselves because thay wanted one,like if he wants a freeza hell make one for himself.he doesnt HAVE to release it if he doesnt want to.