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    Stupid Metamod!

    Oh yea. How the heck did you make those cool signatures? Like that outlined text with a glowing color :) I MUSSST KNOW! and i need one of those imagz :)
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    Stupid Metamod!

    Ok. I set up AdminMOD and MetaMOD(plugins.ini) CORRECTLY. Metamod DOES load in esf dedicated.. but it exits :cry: . and when its normal. it doesnt view MOTD :cry: AND it freezes :cry: . PLEEEEEEEEEAAAASE HELP ME!!!!! :D (using metamod from and adminmod from
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    that was the point.....
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    :D yes.. Maybe you could make it so you could only fire once every 30 seconds? hehe.. Suprised you didnt lock it :D Well I was wondering. How did you become moderator???
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    I got another idea... :) my third one this half-hour :D How bout make an atack that you shoot. then it pins them to the wall/floor and theres little energy things pinning them into the wall and electrecuting them (damage depending on how much it was charged) but only for like 5 seconds :)...
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    Make a commandmenu that you can customize just like in TFC! Im sure it will be easy :) I WANT A COMMANDMENU JUST LIKE THE ONE IN TFC!!!!!!!!
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    Fusion Earings!!!

    Well I have a really good idea... Ive been watching the show.. and there were these little earings Maybe you could make peeps try 2 find earings and once they find it they could just give the other one 2 the other teammate and then there would be a big light and bang... theres a fused person...
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    Admin Mod FAQ

    If your wondering where 2 get the WORKING download. Go to Type in ESF as the mod name 2 install into :)
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    No kidding! SCREW SPAMMAS!!!