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    Sasuke Shippuuden

    Nice fanart:) But too many versions and no big deff between them. I like 4-5 btw.
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    Your best yet! But it could use some better colors to enhance the effects.
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    Zalera, The Death Seraph

    i like empty.. its a bit blurry though.. and needs more contrast.
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    two new

    nice effects and colors.. but needs better focal. BLACK BARS FLT! :P
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    CnC plz :)
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    1st Sprite

    i guess the circles didnt work :P thank u all :)
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    1st Sprite

    lol mf29 had nothing to do with it.. here is a B/W version.
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    1st Sprite

    I need serious cnc here plz to improve.:)
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    Recent work.

    lol thank ya all. @vinay87: i thought they look cool :P
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    Orochi's request

    ok then :)
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    Recent work.

    its not you who offended me in the 1st place.. so dont get worked up =P besides i work most of the times with stocks...
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    Orochi's request

    here you go.. if you happen to like mine but sth bothers you, i can change :)
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    Yeah....Yeah..Back With More..

    i know.. i didnt tell you to sharpen the blured parts but some parts that are in the front.. make them more sharper :)
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    Recent work.

    1st:Im not some kind of noob to do that. 2nd:does the 2,3 look just pics with overlay? on 1,4 i worked only with the original stock mostly but there are effects.. and that was exacly my point in those have effects based on the stock. 3rd:you could ask to see the original picture and...
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    Orochi's request

    ill make it for you... it will be ready by the end of the day :)