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    second stage melee stuggle

    i think the second stage idea is good as an idea but it would drag the fight out way too long and prevent any game movement about the teleporting i think instead of it being a second stage i think it should just be part of like ssj2 or 3 combos in 1.3 and for making unique combos why not just...
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    I hate double tapping

    to make everyone happy in 1.2 patch or in 1.3 make it so 1.2 melee system is one attack and 1.1 melee is another attack? whouldnt that make life easier then having to fuse em together even tho 1.2 has already done an awsome job at that? :O
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    cuz he transformed at a younger age then everyone else (except gohan, goten, and chibi trunks)
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    my suggestion is to make a quick radios flash/grow right before the explosion but make it really fast to make it look like a flash of light it would make it look cooler and it would show the radios
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    Thoughts on ESF 1.2 (Opinions)

    hey the mod is excellent new melee is awsome if i were to make any comments id be to saying this sugesting one thing i would add to melee is that you guys need to make it so that there isnt that "personale bubble" anymore and that when your doing advance melee it moves you/oponent in...
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    O_o who is that in the Dark

    looks good as far as i can see! :O *edit* um.. actually the shoes look a little funny lol
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    Goku and the Spirit Bomb

    its not literally a ki blob... it would act like one to the other players and it would cost a LOT of ki so it wont be over used and ur PL would have to be huge so it wouldnt be a newb move :P
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    Goku and the Spirit Bomb

    Um... I dunno if this has been sujested once but here's my idea. Well in movie 7 (i think) when goku was fighting those androids at the end he did the spirit bomb and then went ssj and absorbed it well we should make it if your PL is at 5 mill so that you can instantly go ssj if you are...
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    A new Mod :)

    Hey! Thx for all the good support Well, the mod is under secret construction at the moment. If you are interested in joining the team. IM me thru AIM/AOL at "MnkysRdrnk" or email me at "[email protected]" *EDIT* He did help me with the original hud. But the style he did not help with.:smile:
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    A new Mod :)

    Well. I am leading a new mod. It is under private developing right now and not released to public. But I was getting bored so I desided to share with u guys the MODs HUD copy link to ur address bar to see :) well post what you think. its for...
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    they say fusion will never be in ESF... but wait!

    well, you could make it look like he super sped there and it was just an idea
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    Ssj2 Aura Colour

    make it when they power up the spread is yellow and the dimond thing is a light blue
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    1st person scouter

    (sry if this already stated) why dont you just make it 3rd person too. +it shoes PL of person targeted in corner... + an arrow torwoard the direction of the strongest person on opposite team (FFA, strongest person) and have their PL above or bellow the arrow. hope you like ^_^
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    Most Logical (New) Characters to have in ESF?

    for get gotenks alone hes to powerful. hed dominate to easily i say 17 from that bunch. hes good but not to strong.
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    Throwing the sword

    i have an idea! (fore once, is that spelt right?) you could be able to throw i! if you miss haha! its gone. if you hit you get it back! and you loose some ki. if they block it breaks and you dont get it back. end of discusion. that is the most logical thing to do. the end. :scared...