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    open new slots

    i don't know hoe to do that can someone script it to have 5 more slot for exemple ( why don't copy and paste the existing slot , just edit it)
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    open new slots

    i know it's not the first time that someone request this but can someone make a script for esf (encore sx is the best for code )that alowed to play with more character instead of 9 characters ,for exemple you can select from 10 to 100 differents characters that can be really fun!! can you...
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    it dosen't work

    install esf not in cs folder
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    Vegeta - WIP

    the 3 ssj look like alll the same = great !! when it will be realease?? where will you host the models?
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    buu bot regeneration

    yes only for bot please thanks encore
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    Playlist... HELP!!!!

    if you don't use steam then you will not be alowed to use mp3 , so i advise you to download winamps lite , and play your mp3 with winamp before start the game then play
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    buu bot regeneration

    thanks encore sx waiting for you script then
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    buu bot regeneration

    i like to play against buu bot but when buu bot got low energy he will make regeneration and will not move , someone know how to not alowed buu regeneration for bot .
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    i can't see the pics
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    Hi i start esf on lan create a server play during 10 mins then the game stop and i see an error message :"S-FINDNAME:OUT OF SFX_T" can someone help thanks
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    glow in esf

    i got the same problem as Shiyojin Rommyu how to activate the fun mode ?
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    can someone make a tutorial about how modeling and animation with Lightwave thanks
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    glow in esf

    hi encore sx you said: "Nope. Glowing can be made to look normally. Only strong kicks/punches and combos can reveal that crap. Just make to glowing go repeadeatley in client_PostThink, it'll stay forever like that untill you deactivate it." what do you mean? go to the console and type...
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    [WIP] saiyan saga vegeta

    sorry for double post but somethink wrong with the link in my last message please find below the good link : simply download the file vegeta31wk.png
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    [WIP] saiyan saga vegeta

    here : i make the nose smaller , move up the lips reduce the eye and and some detail to help i hope it will be usefull