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    i need bots bots bots bots

    they just posted the alpha version of Blade's bot on the site, check it out
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    how do u turn ON transformation effects??

    Am I wrong or did the guys intentionally make it to where you go SS faster the higher your pl is? If so, it was ingenious.
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    Power Struggle Idea - Making it more than holding in your button.

    I kind of like a paper rock scissors kind of struggle, obviously, a regular beam can't push back a kamehameha. Maybe it should depend on who has the highest ki?
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    my bad, just found it, I need to pay more attention
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    New Characters, Second Transformations

    Just to add, the melee seems to be a little unbalanced, it tends to do too much damage and can be a little cheap at times, i think the damage should be toned down a bit, and also, when two people melee at the same time, they should do like a grapple, sorta like when beams lock, and whoever has...
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    New Characters, Second Transformations

    I think it would be really freaking awesome if you could go Super Saiyan 2 for the saiyans. Goku could go SS3, Vegeta could go Majin Vegeta, Gohan could go Mystical Gohan, Buu could go into Kid Buu, Piccolo could go Super Namek, Cell > Perfect Cell, I noticed after you have changed forms, the...
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    There are bots in development right? If so, when will they be out? I NEED ESF BOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!