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    how do u do melee???????????

    i know how to do melee but tell me some strtegys to do it godly :D
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    how do u do melee???????????

    i no have the game u ****** so **** u ;(
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    how do u do melee???????????

    tell me now or else :fight: ... ps:miroku ****ing sucks
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    o_O advanced meele even in 1.1?

    How do u do combos??? personally i hate meleebut combos... i gotta try it!!!!!!!! :D
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    let me tell u about ur favorite char!!!

    tell me who u like in esf and ill tell u how he is soooooooooo good :D
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    Ok lets talk characters...

    eaten good, eaten good, eaten good, in the neiborhood... i mean esf is good for all post ur favorite characterand ill tell u why he sucks! (unles its trunks :D )
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    New Trunks attack

    You ****ing suc like ****...just kidding! Trunks is awsomeANd he transformes fast forget the freekin "flamthrower' AND KILL... :fight: