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    Half Life 2 cross Monster Mash song. Something a guy made. Kinda crazy but a good laugh as well and i think its from Garrys mod not sure.
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    Dragon Ball Z: Sparking Meteor/Tenkaichi 3 [PS2/WII]

    just 4 new chars? doesnt sound very good to me. thay said somewhere there were 20 new chars i wonder if thay will put that Dr from The Worlds Strongest in.
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    Dragonball ONLINE!!!

    here i found this in Gamespot somewhere
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    A intresting i found in a shop

    I saw a Vaccume Cleaner called Piccolo the other day when i went into town just something i thort you guys might want to know.
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    DBZ tenkaichi 2 again

    it hasnt come out in Australia yet so i still need to wait
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    Neverwinter Nights 2

    I hear its going to be good i sure hope you can shapeshift like in the first one like shift into a dragon lol that would be fun in multiplayer games. Gamespot has some intresting stuff on the game what have you guys found?
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    Another hit Peter Brocks last drive

    those who follow our sports in Australia another harsh blow
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    Dragonball Z Tenkaichi 2 -- Revolution

    I would like to see that we could play as the villains thru the main story line intead of the Z fighters or something like that. From what i have red from you guys, it sounds like there selling Beta tests to see how things go then just upgradeing them and selling them agean. Oh and i hope thay...
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    ESF Improvements.

    the only thing iv seen them overlook is the Demon King Dabura insted of adding him thay added Ginu as far as i can tell
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    Dragonball Z Tenkaichi 2 -- Revolution

    Well im unsure if thay would bring in the Giant Apes agean cuz those things over power even another Giant Ape witch is verry odd, now how powerfull are the Golden Giant Apes gonna be? Think about it
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    Dragonball Z Tenkaichi 2 -- Revolution

    ill look into this and see if i can get more info on it
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    Dragonball/Z/GT/Movie Timeline...

    1 thing about the Super Android 17 Movie was that i didnt see Broly in it ud think he would of escaped Hell along with the others
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    Dragonball/Z/GT/Movie Timeline...

    dont forget Brolly during DBZ area he would of found goku eventuly
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    City of Villains

    hmmm i wonder if u can look like a werewolf or something
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    Half Life 2 and OP4

    hmmm i guess ill ask them some time