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    tutorials for wings 3d

    thanks alot i hope it helps and also is there any free character making program cuz if you you do know it would be great if you could post the site wer you got it from thaks
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    slight spoiler - Naruto [WIP]

    wich program do you use
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    tutorials for wings 3d

    is there any good tuts or making characters in wings 3d
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    Uzumaki Naruto (Younger Version)

    yah man it looks really nice
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    counterstrike not working

    no my computers a really good dell with an intel pentium 4 processer and nerdy crap like that i only got it 3 years ago
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    counterstrike not working

    nope this has never happened before yah i dont think it works
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    counterstrike not working

    i already have steam i dont see what the problem is
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    counterstrike not working

    ok i got counterstrike and everything (not an illegal copy)but i put the disk in and everythin and the installer window pops up i click install the installer window closes but after that the instalation window were you install it is not poping up and when i go to my e:/ drive my whole ocomputer...
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    using counterstrike source

    can i use counterstrike source to play this game
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    half life 2 and 1

    could you have half life 2 to play this game or is it just for the numero 1