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    HAPPY B-DAY Black Gohan!

    Thx guys, i'm Black Gohan, only now i changed my account(1 year ago) But i don't mind being called just Black Gohan ;) Ahh, to hell with it, i'll get my old account back, somehow. *Shares the clown cake with others*
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    Happy birthday DJ Readeh!

    Hey, i drink beer too! :D Let's have a beer drinkers club in this forum! (I don't give a **** that i'm too young to drink beer :S)
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    [WIP] MGS4 Raiden (texturing)

    Looks awesome so far, keep up the gewd work! I like it, how he's became alot more manlier than in MGS2 :)
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    Happy birthday DJ Readeh!

    Have a good one man, i'm going to have a good one too, with all my friends around n stuff. :p
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    The end of Death Note EP 37 [possible spoilers]

    True... I wish there was a dramatic ending, where both N and Light die. It was also sad, that such a nice guy like Matsuda shot Light, then seeing Matsuda cry and Light lying on the ground, going crazy. It kinda moved me :scared:
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    First song I wrote.

    Dude, that's way too emo for my head. But, it really suits something like "The Day of Apocalypse"...Yeah, that's what it should be called :P Good work, anyways. I wouldn't even be able to create a better song/poem than u :)
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    The True Artist OpenCanvas thread where I(myself) and TryForce(Pixel) will post art

    Here's my crappy drawings :D And another! I never use tablet, i use mouse :P
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    The end of Death Note EP 37 [possible spoilers]

    Yeah, the end sure brought a tear into my eye, i didn't cry, just something fell into my eye >_< Anyways, what do you think about the ending? It's different than in manga, but much more dramatic IMO. And i saw Misa Misa standing on the corner of the roof...Did she commit suicide? It's kinda...
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    Duke Nukem: Forever

    WTF, i thought, that second screenshot is a hoax, it's just an action figure. I mean, my cousin has an Duke's action figure just like in the screenie. O_o I'm confused! But yeah, i wont belive, until i see the trailer. :S
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    I like the 1st one. Coz, Kakashi is teh smecksiness! :p
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    R.I.P. Chris Benoit

    *reads the title*...................Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! Damn, i feel so sad :( He was, like, the coolest wrestler ever! And to kill all of his family too... WTF did that?! R.I.P. Chris Benuit -_- He was a great man. Seriously...
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    Happy-B-day Andy

    Happy B-Day man! Hope, i'm not too late ^^'
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    It's a sketch! Check it out.

    I use mouse only. Never actually used a tablet :\
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    It's a sketch! Check it out.

    got bored, made another drawing...Sasuke.....kind of winter style >_>
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    diablos' art kinda style thread thing ~ wooo \o/

    O_O O_O O_O O_O O_O That's sooooo amazing! Keep it up Diablos! It's good to see you draw again.