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    The how to on "How to call the Dragon"

    You can only carry one at a time. Drop them all of in the same general area, and they will start shining and making noise. The you press your use key, and the wish menu pops up.
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    Thoughts on beta1

    I did pretty good, but I realsied how hard it was, and I got knocked around with melee a lot trying to charge a big beam :P.
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    Super Saiyan Transformation

    Hey that happned with me when I was vegita too. I had gotten 2 wishes for more strength granted, and then I rememberd i could transform. But maybe since my PL was so high when i finally transformed for the first time there was no big flashy effect.
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    Post NEW bugs here

    I also had a problem with the dragonballs. I was in a game by myself playing around, I had them all gathered, and I put them in a line and ran through them scrolling my mousewheel (I was seeing if I could drop/pick them all up while running along) and the game froze and I had to alt-ctrl-del...