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    [Old PotW] Vegeta - In the Name of Love

    Used this as my desktop wallpaper... Check it out! ^_^
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    ESF Release Schedule - Important

    Voted for Option 2! It's about time to release alteast a demo of this game (after so many years of developement). ^_^ (I wonder how the class selection screen looks like right now, because the one showed in 2008 was awesome!)
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    Jeice and Burter - Caramelldansen
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    [Old PotW] Recoome BOOM!

    Thank you for the explanation. Yes, indeed, I missed your point.
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    [Old PotW] Recoome BOOM!

    Eye Candy! I have a question about the "buddy system". How does it work? Can we play with all of them, like starting with the weakest and gaining PL to change character into a Ginyu himself? Or, as Grega said at, just pick two of all the team and play with those two selected...
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    The who does/doesn't have a facebook account Thread!

    I don't have one and I don't think that I will... Actually, I don't belong to any of the social networks.
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    [REQ] Part of AMXX Coders

    He's talking about the title you have below your nick „AMXX Coder“. @tuty, it isn't a group and you can easily change this title by editing your profile.
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    Half-Life Steam Verification - Required for Official Support

    And I was worried that I won't be verified. :scared: But after this post I see that I am. ^_^ P.S. You're welcome.
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    Half-Life Steam Verification - Required for Official Support

    What could it mean? Query for validating users aborted: UPDATE command denied to user 'esf_validate'@'localhost' for column 'usergroupid' in table 'user'
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    Your opinion about this PC?

    Thank you guys! :)
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    Your opinion about this PC?

    So I should buy one of these two instead the one I posted in first post? :)
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    CPU Survey

    This is mine:
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    Your opinion about this PC?

    Just the PC, no mouse, monitor or other stuff, because I have them and they work great. Founded on internet. P.S. If you think it needs something to be changed, tell me the part that should be changed and to which one. It would be much easier to me. ^_^
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    Your opinion about this PC?

    I'm not that good at it, so could you or someone else suggest RAM's that I should buy instead the one's in complectation? Thanks. :)