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    ESF 1.1 Gameplay

    I hate to say it but I agree with Styx. 1.1 was most certainly the better ESF version Imo. Not because it had more stuff than 1.2 obviously not, the thing is the limitations added to ESF 1.2 basically removed creativity thus suprise and competitivity (is that a word?). 1.1 = Freedom 1.2 =...
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    Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo revolution.

    OMG HAVEN'T POSTED IN AGES! Anyway, I'll probably buy Nintendo Rev first..why? /me = pro Melee players SMASH BROS ONLINE OMG yaaaaay! And second I'll buy Ps3.... And someone will buy my an Xbox360 if I win our bet :p
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    Naruto and DBZ

    There you go Gameinformer313, JP just proved to me that Mangekyou = impossible to use against someone as strong minded as the Z-fighters.... Mind control is pretty much the same as attacks the mind....Vegeta didn't care, he just did as he pleased. So its IMPOSSIBLE for...
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    Naruto and DBZ

    You might be right about that, Goku's one of my most hated anime characters because of what your saying, so thats a possible scenario... Take Android 17, what would Itachi be able to do to him? Nothing -.-, No mind thus no Mangekyou Sharingan And he's pretty much as strong as Goku (In...
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    your top 5 anime characters.

    Orochimaru -Naruto *Evil genius with a voice that makes my hairs stand up :p * Neji - Naruto *I just like the way he looks and fights :)* Ichigo - Bleach *Ichigo is one weird impulsive mofo XD, I like it* Zangetsu - Bleach *...just look at him he r0x (talking about the human form and...
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    Naruto and DBZ

    They could run away, ofcourse....but escape...where could you possibly escape to when your opponent can blow up your whole country >_>
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    Naruto and DBZ

    Are you crazy? Before itachi could even activate his crappy Sharingan, goku would have ***** slapped him all over the place O_o (killing him with the first hit) Even if goku got caught in his friggin mangekyou sharingan, I don't even think it would hurt him that much :S No anime...
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    Something I realized that might want to be changed...

    Kid buu = stronger than fat buu (because fat buu's a friggin retard) And weaker than any other buu... The only thing that makes him strong is that his ****ing insane....He doesn't think straight... Kid buu's mind *kid buu see's goku* *smiles in a twisted way* *fires a beam strong...
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    "Before applying, make sure you READ the following prerequisites completely. All of the following must apply to yourself: You are free every Sunday for a maximum of two hours from 19:00 to 21:00 hours GMT (England Time). This is a must as tester meetings are held each Sunday without...
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    Do MMORPG count as games you've tested (I'm talking about closed beta mmorpg's btw) *edit* Hmm..I filled everything in correctly, but for some reason one URL didn't show up in the end, oh well..
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    Rock lee pwns yo face :O

    My first character model ever :shocked: just the head left to do :S I didn't feel like opening max and rendering (and even If I did feel like it I have no idea how to make a nice render :p ) Anywayz C&C are welcome....don't crit the shoes though, I'm gonna remodel them.
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    Are they or Are they not?

    Thats something I suggested quite a while ago, dunno why they denied it because Imo it makes perfect sense....
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    Nice April Fools Prank. -_-

    /me believed ( and was happy because I was the first to re-register :( )
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    Today's news update

    Yup your right, this is exactly what I suggested before the release of 1.2. Can't wait to see how it works out ^_^
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    I hate throw, it slows down the gameplay..but that doesn't make it unfair O_o Throw is just as easily avoided as anyother attack. Just don't get hit in the first place, once someone's throwing you you can't really do anything about it thats true, but that goes for basically any attack...