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    ey vegeta if you knew you could get it there why did you ask me then??always making it hard on me:S
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    My friend wants to make a deticated server for esf,but he said to me:"i am not making it until i have an adminmod for esf"so my question is then is there already an adminmod,if there is where can it be downloaded??
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    more commands ? have u ?

    if that doesnt work try writing this "map esf_*mapname*" in console
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    perfect transform????

    in char. select menu its says u got 2 have a pl of 5 mil. 4 perfect transform 4 vegeta,we'll i had a pl of 12 mil. and i didnt notice anything diffrent when i transformed,so whats up with that,whats so special bout perfect transform??
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    dont u mean anything but esf_kami,they always fall off the island and run around underneath it,damn annoying if u ask me:S