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    What makes a good ESF Player?

    yeah, it just takes practice to learn how to play well.. but you should also try to keep friendly, so people will actually want to play with you. :D
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    I get accused of using a script all the time :(
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    melee system?

    Ki plays a role in melee hits? I've never noticed, haven't had much problem dispatching SSJs with starting ki.. :D
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    What if 1.0 and 1.1 were switched?

    I prefer 1.1, it would not be an improvement if it were 1.0
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    The 1.2 patch

    Theres a lot more to melee than that..
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    1.1 is amazing

    It's very nice :D
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    Uptight Clanners

    ah hah.. well then, if it works.. :p
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    Uptight Clanners

    What's wrong with some of you people? I get the best of you a few times and it's like I murdered your mothers or something, you let loose a whirlwind of the 8th grades finest insults. Get over yourselves, please. Most of you make for some good fights, but you could lose the attitudes...
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    Real Jerks

    Hitokiri has it right If they attack you while you're transforming.. all you can do is fight em, hopefully you can win, then go find a better place to transform.
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    Japz Kame ha

    It's all opinion, namek. I also prefer japanese voices. Neither is really better than the other.. it's just opinion.
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    winning a PS/BS

    Just hold primary attack. Some people have told me holding it is lame, but those same people used the mousescroll teleport. You can also just hold secondary attack while meleeing.
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    Female fighters

    yeah, 2-3 years itll start. then they'll replay the first part for about a year, then show a new part, replay from the total beginning, etc. i'd give it a decade before vegeta's breifs comes and says we were right. :D
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    Female fighters

    Breifs, as against it as you may be, try to open your mind, please. It is in the last GT episode. Pan is old and wrinkly, watching gokou jr fight vegeta jr, the two children fight, exchange words, go ssj, fight more, then pan sees Gokou on the other side of the ring, watching the children...
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    Get rid of Krillin

    "he is really useless in DBZ and in ESF." Because of that, prince, I'm now officially going to use krillin in ESF, full time. We'll see who's useless. :D
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    Adult Gohan

    "normal, then ssj then mystic." thats two transformations. You do not transform into normal, you are normal from the start. and why deny gohan ssj2? He has it.