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    Steam ID

    Lets try this again. inacuran at hotmail dot com is my steam thing. I go by the name Ted Theodore Logan. If you remember me from the old days add me. I play a lot of tf2 and L4D so add me and join a game I am in or just say hi. Also don't be offended if I don't know who you are right of the bat...
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    TF2 Free Weekend

    Why the hell wont any of you play with me >_<. I play it almost every day. I put my steam stuff in the sticky and deverz is the only one to add me :(. Is it because I am to scary to play with. It is to bad I am out of town all weekend for this also cuc I will get back to you when I get home as I...
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    Steam ID

    Ted Theodore Logan or [ca] Ted the Theodore Logan , I play tf2 a lot.
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    TF2 Heavy Achievements!!!!!

    You all play and still dont have me on friends list? For shame people... for shame...
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    Exteel its out and its free!

    No I swear to you, when that pilot name thing came up it said I had to use numbers and letters. I tried a bunch of different names before I noticed the thing and once I put in the numbers it worked.
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    Exteel its out and its free!

    Well I am only lvl 5 now and I have to say I do not like Last stand all the much, It is the same thing over and over. Now team DM on the other hand is fantastic. I just need to get some money and weapons. If you guys want to play tonight that would be great :D. My name is toem12 because it told...
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    Exteel its out and its free!

    Downloading it now. I think I could spare a few minutes trying this out. Been looking for a new mech game to play.
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    Demonoid blocks Canadian Traffic!

    I think they are doing this because they cant sue anyone in Canada for downloading so they are just blocking Canada completely out of the loop.
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    Check Ures net speed here

    I think my numbers are alittle low because I am downloading a bunch of stuff.
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    Team Fortress2 Beta

    This game is so good. Been playing it all night.
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    Left 4 Dead Videos

    Not coming out this year. It comes out the beginning for 2008. So that means we should have plenty of time to play all the games coming out this holiday season.
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    What happens when Opti crashes his ****?

    Way to drive noob....... good to hear you weren't hurt.
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    Left 4 Dead Videos

    You better get it on pc, think about all the user created content you will never get on 360. Also if we don't play this together I will hunt you down.
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    Left 4 Dead Videos

    This is still the number one game on my list, I must have it. I have been following it since the beginning and I cannot wait. The only problem I see are all the idiots that will be playing it and since FF is on ALL THE TIME I just know I will be getting team killed a lot. I hope I can find a...
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    Battlefield 2

    2142 does not install spyware. I have both bf2 and 2142 and I like both but 2142 more since they did fix problems like plane base raping and nade spam. Maybe they did not fix some of the bugs but they did fix a bunch of gameplay problems and piss people off in bf2. Anyways I play both of them...