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    Raditz Petition!

    well this topic has sure been beat to hell... in the end it is dev team's choice, and they know what is best for THEIR mod. I started this just as laughable poll, didnt meen to cause so much comotion :) moderator: you can close this if you want
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    56K Should I join?

    OUCH! 400 ping?! i feel sorry for you. but anyway such go ahead and try it, it wont kill you. BUT it might drive you to insanity ;)
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    hey Krillen Idea

    krillen is a well thought out balanced character. The dev team did a good job of keeping his Pl low but giving him good attacks (The scatter beam IS a good finisher) and speed. And once you pass 3 mil pl he is the fastest character in the game. (as for you people who cant pass 3 mil, you...
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    esf website only has broken links to mirrors and no real direct downloads!

    the site seems fine to me. As for the downloading problem... well... a 90mb file is sorta a pain to host, maybe those sights used to much bandwidth?
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    look at theese screenshots (large files, 56k0rs beware)

    seriously. what was the point. there was nothing even interesting in those pictures... and they were bmp's at that.
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    Battle Damage Model Pack

    wow, can you say children. O_O I havent seen this kind of a heated arguement since i was in 3rd grade and some punk stole my cookie. /self grumble grumble i liked that cookie
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    >>>first Aura!!!<<<<<

    it was alright... A lil to big for my liking. And if you insist on making it big it needs to be taller and not so fat. Also it was red for both regular and ssj goku, but i didnt try it out on anyone else. I'm sticking w/ my original for those two reasons
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    100% rip free gfx

    :shocked: I hear ya
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    are we forgeting somthing?

    wow good question
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    Testing my Sig

    I dont know where to put this, i hope i dont get banned O_O
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    Raditz Petition!

    at least someone gets it . :yes:
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    when and how much does your pl increase?

    All of the above! the amount of Pl you gain is in ratio on how much damage you do to him. melee gets you less pl because, well, it is so easy to do. Attacks like kiblast and blueblue beam get you more, but character specific attacks get you the most. If you are a Pl fiend and you suck at...
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    Raditz Petition!

    :no: did you even watch the series? If you are going to argue with us at least get your facts straight. 1. Herkule couldn't beat my grandma, much less a pure sayain who takes on BOTH Goku and Piccilo (i dont feel like looking up how to spell his name) 2. <1000? wtf are you talking...
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    Raditz Petition!

    :\ wtf do you meen raditz was week? The only reason he died is because of gohan and his "anger power". Granted he was weaker than Vegeta but if he had as much time as goku and vegeta to train, then there is no reason he couldnt become ssj. I meen ssj isnt exactly an exclusive club, even...
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    How to go Super Saiya-jin

    go through the how .swf in your esf dir most likely c:\sierra\half-life\esf\Esf Manual.swf