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    Struggle System - How do you think the 'ball' type attack struggles should work?

    I know there has been a lot of options to go with already, I'm probably late for this but screw it... I have 2 ideas, but they pretty much share the same basics. -- 1. I think that ball attacks should have the ability to struggle just like beam attacks. What I think is that the user should be...
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    What is the current status of the mod?

    Wow, people are really sensitive with the questions in this forum. He's simply asking about the current development progress of the mod, not any release date. It doesn't really take long to answer something like "We're working on the character models and improving the gameplay". No need to be...
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    Frontpage Earth's Special Forces trailer- Saiyan Trio

    I liked the Final Flash in the anime version better because of how the energy ball is formed and the SFX it does when it blinks trying to finally appear, plus all the lightning wrecking havoc as he's charging the attack. It really looks like Vegeta is struggling hard charging that beam.
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    how much % is esf done

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    ESF Trailer Teaser

    Hey just thinking, now that you mentioned that. How are you guys planning to link the mod to HL1? Cause I think I read a long time ago that you were going to need HL1 purchased legally in from Steam in order to run the mod, or just HL1 (not necessarily on Steam)?
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    Your team need the guy thats making db unreal

    Poor ESF team must be taking quite a toll after this DBU release, sucks to be compared so constantly XD
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    Shots Fired

    Such is the bliss of ignorance. You must be one of those guys who think the IT guys can hack facebook accounts and fix any computer.
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    Dragon Ball Unreal

    Dragon Ball Unreal? Is he talking about this one?
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    [Old PotW] Some Screenshots (And Dev Journal #2)

    I don't think Toriyama was tired or anything by that point... I think it's just kind of hard to make up a stronger enemy than the emperor of the universe himself
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    [Old PotW] Some Screenshots (And Dev Journal #2)

    Looks great, it really does. Here's a small suggestion that I really think you guys should consider and I think it'd be kinda easy to implement. Big finishers like the Spirit Bomb makes a huge impact on the map (not to mention how awesome the whole explosion looks), but everything just fades...
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    I do not understand, have to pay for the game or not ?!

    It doesn't matter if it's free or not, you'll never pay for it cause it'll never be released woooooo~ :cool:
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    Dragonball Moba (Dota Reborn)

    DBZ maps on W3 have always been awful, everyone has the same kind of skills in the show so it's hard to feel much variety in a RTS kind of game. I love DBZ mods but I don't think a DBZ-only custom map would be much fun.
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    Free Game

    Dungeon Defenders 2 steam key
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    mod is dead?

    I'm just commenting before they close this thread ^_^
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    DEATHBATTLE REMATCH Superman vs Goku 2

    Well, for this new Superman v Batman movie you gotta take into account that Superman has been nerfed A LOT. The produces have already mentioned that he's not able to do things like travel in space or lifting island-sized objects like he usually does, so I'm expecting Batman to put up a good...