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    Ginyu Animation Preview

    Ya it looks really good and funny. lol.
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    Mp3 player in ESF

    How come when I press F8 the Mp3 player menu does not apear? They need to fix that in 1.3 so I can listen my Mp3's hehe
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    ESF mod for Doom 3?

    It would be soooooo cool if they put ESF on Doom 3 with everything from the 1.1-1.2 versions = ) That would be soooo cool!
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    Happy Birthday for two people :o

    hehehehehe Its my birthday also! I turn 20 oh and this Hekynn = )
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    1.2 Release timezone

    HEHEHEHEHE good thing their releaseing it on May 8th! Cause that is my birthday!!!! WOOT Happy birthday to me!!!!
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    DBZ Model's for ESF for download?

    Where do I find custom model's for ESF mod?