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    Melee struggles

    Well what i was thikning was, when u hit someone and they block and then u fly in again and there still blocked and it geets a bit boring.. well what if when you hit them a second time when ther blocked, it turns into a melee struggle. So when you hit them and there still blocked a bar would...
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    Crashing Servers

    Was just wondering, will 1.1 sort out the Sheild and Disc server crashing bug? because it gets really annoying wen a server keeps crashing every 5 mins.
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    Differences between power levels

    im not saying they shouldnt be hurt at all im just saying that they should be stronger, because atm ther is no major difference between SSJ and normal, a person who has just joined the game can easily beat up the person who is SSJ
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    Differences between power levels

    well i just think SSJ should be a bit more stronger, so like it takes a couple of blows to knock them down or something, so it will feel more like DBZ.
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    That Does It Thats IT! : Bardock Vid

    the Gohan and Trunks Linkin park video was great, and so is this, nice 1
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    Differences between power levels

    not necessarily just other people will have to work harder in getting ther pl higher, maybe teaming up against him or woteva.. i just feel it would create a more realistic feel to the game, u dont need to make it much stronger, but atm it seems like ther is no real need to go SSJ cuz it doesnt...
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    Differences between power levels

    well i was playing ESF last night and i had only just joined so my pl was very low, and iwas fighting an SSJ, dont mean to brag or nowt but i was kicking him about a bit. I just htink there should be a bigger difference in power levels, if you look at DBZ when someones transforms or woteva, then...
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    Grand Kai Tournament

    first of all it was a joke i know people like gr00vy can kick my ass... and lighten up it's a forum so wot if i only have 34 posts, as gotenks sed it doesnt make me any worse at a game just becuase you post more than me... some people really take things so seriously.
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    Grand Kai Tournament

    ur all n00bs compared to me anyways ;)
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    Possible Limit Breaks

    i reckon it should be like on a time limit, like 15 mins everyone gets a limit break, and then maybe u get 1 min to use it or somethign, cuz other wise people will end up just saving it and then waiting it till the next break to use it then they can use another one. but yeah the idea is really good.
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    Grand Kai Tournament

    forgoodness sake just let him get it sorted, try a bit of patience he'll set a date and whos playing etc. ASAP, harrassing him aint gonna do nowt.
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    perfect trasnform suggestion

    aye i agree, id much rather have the transformation before the perfect one, as seph sed the perfect transformation is so dull :|
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    3rd team

    PVK (Pirate Vikings and Knights) has 3 teams
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    a waste of wot?
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    Grand Kai Tournament

    Yeah ill play gr00vy