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    [Old PotW] Piccolo in cell games

    I like the fact that the grass is not heavy on the eye.
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    Bleach of the week[Spoilers allowed]

    I think what we see, it's his shikai and not his bankai.
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    One Piece of the week[Manga Spoilers]

    Hmmm not really sure if Luf I mean Lucy can overpower the old man. But I think he can win if he make him fall into the water/sea(Can't remember the rules atm). I believe that this battle will test Lucy's current strength against big shots. Also a good twist would be to lose against this guy...
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    RIP Deman

    It's always sad to see people losing their life so young. My condolences to his family.
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    route to the great blue

    Shadi I think you need to read/watch One Piece again buddy.
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    Game will never be released.

    Cool story, bro.
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    Naruto of the Week[Spoilers Allowed]

    Great chapter but too bad that naruto is on a break again next week.
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    Update on the Leak **READ**

    Well as Grega said, they edit out bugs so if the animation has some problems or its not finished they take it out. Also I remember someone saying that they dont like to show off unfinished stuff which explains why they edit out the bugs.
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    Dear ESF community

    Damn that Shadi, I was always suspicious of this guy and his shady name.
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    Team Beam Struggle

    Yes it will be possible to join in a beam struggle.
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    Ultimate Final Bout!!! Does it even exist??

    I have no idea what I'm reading.
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    You are being duped by the devs

    Daaaamn this guy's legit.
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    full power of youth

    yeah, 2 years ago
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    Happy birthday man! :yes:
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    Woah, hello

    I agree, Deverz should change the name to assman69, no need to wait for the pm.