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    JJ Abarams to Direct Star Wars VII

    There is a rumor that harrison ford and mark hamill will take place in the movie. of course it's just a rumor but it would be nice. Maybe it will continue like the game star wars jedi academy: In the game Luke has an jedi academy and trains jedi's
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    kaioshin planet(work in progres)

    Starting to look very good. nice work ! :)
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    Does noone play the Beta version?

    I've added you let's play together if you come online
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    [Old PotW] Cucumber.... Not that one.

    Oh so it will be much harder to create a map for the new esf:final format ?
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    [Old PotW] Cucumber.... Not that one.

    Oh yea it sure looks good anyway. and of course it looks better in motion. Will there also be released a better mapping tool that other people can create hd maps like the ones you are creating, instead of the old maps from 1.2.3 ,1.1 ?
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    Maps in esf

    Oh ok is it so simple to just change the textures of a whole map or will it be also possible to change in options for us ?
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    Maps in esf

    The otherworld tournament looks awesome but it's been a while since they posted pictures of it. probably they didn't worked further on it. but also i'm asking myself why they changed the textures of namek ? in the new years trailer ( ) it's...
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    Does noone play the Beta version?

    Yea i want to play it also the open beta but it seems no one is playing it
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    [Old PotW] Cucumber.... Not that one.

    He looks very realistic. well done. btw will it be possible to change the charge up auras in options menu ? because i think i've seen different ones
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    awesome ! to bad goku doesn't go super sayain :p
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    Idea for a demo

    Why don't you guys release a demo . so much people really love this mod and can't wait for it so you could release a demo from stuff you already have . It doesn't have to be big . If i see this trailer i would be very happy to play what's in the trailer. Vegeta character , That map , 1...
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    weekly updates

    What happened to the weekly updates / pictures / videos ?
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    esf problems

    hi i got some problems with esf . 1. Every time i load a map and i start to play i add bots. If i add a bot it always crashes and gives this error : MESSAGE_END called, but message buffer from .dll had overflowed (this problem is with the open beta final) 2. I just bought another half...
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    When do YOU think ESF will be released?

    I really hope in 2010 :D the mod looks just to good . They really did a beautiful thing with the half life 1 engine
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    The new Picture Of Tha Week!

    i know that but it looks like an rpg that vegeta and trunks flying in da air xD :)