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    Watch this funny DBZ Video

    Damn ! Vid has been removed ! :[
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    Another Remastered Dragon Ball Z

    Aww! good to see that DBZ is still being thought of very much :) Woot! 20 yr anv. =) yay!
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    Super Saiyan

    When talking about DBZ, you shouldn't be talking about GT... GT is something completely different imo. *Sigh* It all ended with DBZ. The end.
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    Goku vs Vegeta who will win!?

    Goku wins. Like everybody else has been saying He's just gifted, etc.
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    Problem with corona bytes

    Try reinstalling ESF + ECX RC2 :) If that doesn't work. Tell us.
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    Fallout 3 banned in Australia

    Well, at least I won't kill myself from Warcraft But ...I guess you could always download the game? And play it through one of those lan clients?. But it won't be the same *Sigh*
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    Game keeps freezing

    Maybe it's esf_zsword :p
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    Need help on getting Pl higher

    If host your own server (listen), you can always get that esf_powerlevel plugin alongside with amx, and give yourself the desired PL in an instant :p
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    How to change wish?

    You can't :p
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    Any Australians here who still play ESF?? =(

    Sweet! Yeh i'll try and get some people back into playing ESF. However, it'll be a long process. And the main reason for people quiting is that they get owned to much before they actually realise how fun the game really is. But yeh, we'll see how it go. Again, thankx. Haha! hey its Gurbir...
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    Any Australians here who still play ESF?? =(

    Omg, yay! Im gonna try my hardest to bring the community back. It'll be difficult though..... Btw, how are you paying for this.....It's going to come expensive. Do you need any help paying? I don't think 2 servers is a great idea....atm at least Also, I'd be glad to help. I've got some...
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    ESF and Spyware

    Hahahahh! Wtf! Zango has balls.
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    how to start free play with official hl??

    Ahhh, yeh basically you want to first install steam. After you've done that. You install half-life. And after that, you install ESF Cause Half-Life has to go in Steam Files And ESF has to go in Half-Life files. Get my drift? :) Oh, and you can't leave Steam running while changing it's...
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    Any Australians here who still play ESF?? =(

    HOLYY ****!!! Wheres_warren!! Omg! =) How are you? Yes!! The Australian community is still alive! =)
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    Any Australians here who still play ESF?? =(

    Holy **** dude! Let me say thanks haha. What made you do that? Rofl Yeh, its great that you got a ECX server up. But theres a slight problem. Like today, I was playing ESF with 4 other Australians on an American server. Reason being that these new guys don't really know what ECX is. So we...