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    Final Flash (yes, I'm bored)

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    We need some more 1.1 edits

    could anyone convert the buu pack and the super buu models for 1.1?
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    We need some more 1.1 edits

    oh that is great news and i cant wait till u finish them and when u do can u send it to me plz. Are the anims for 1.1 or 1.0?
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    We need some more 1.1 edits

    Mr Smo made a really good ssj2 and ssj3 goku but the anims on thelegs are wrong and i was wondering if u could change them to have they should be. The anims on the legs make the legs step into each other.
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    need C18 to beta 1.1

    s-bolt is making a c18 but i dont think its finished yet.
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    We need some more 1.1 edits

    can u reanimate models as well? Or is that something to do with converting?
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    this 1 for esf

    Hey Mr Smo can u change the anims on the legs of your goku model because there wrong. They seem to step into each other so it looks like the legs are stuck together. If u are using the anims from the goku model for the gohan model then that model will have the same problem. So can u plz...
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    We need some more 1.1 edits

    where would i be able to learn how to convert models because then if i learn how its done then i could convert them.:D
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    ESF Beta 1.1 is out now!

    sorry about it not having any thing to do with a model. and yea it does kick ass
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    ESF Beta 1.1 is out now!

    esf beta 1.1 is out now can u believe it. Its at file planet. So go download it if u want it. GO GO GO
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    well be amazed complete

    Ultra u have some nice models there,just because others dont respect your work doesnt mean every one else does. Can u plz release them because i really like your models and i want to use them ingame. So plz dont spoil it for others who like your work. Your models are the best goku models...
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    ssj2 Gohan.

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    Pikkon And Piccolo Models

    A pikkon model has been made already Heres the link: Pikkon
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    can some one help me plz

    thx for all your help from both of you im really greatful and im sorry if i didnt look properly and im sorry for making this thread for some thing as simple as this. so thx.
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    can some one help me plz

    Can some one plz help me find out where i can download milkshape 3d 1.6.6 because i cant find it any where and ive been looking for it for quite awhile. Or aint it up for download any where because i know u can buy it but i dont know where i can buy it and i havent a clue how much it is...