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  • Hi, I forgot my old log in details and created a new account, I forgot about this project wasnt following it anymore, I want to speak to someone as I am interested to fund this project so that maybe one day it may come to life finally. I dont look into this forum often and I may even forget about posting this tomorrow. I wish to speak to someone contact me on my email [email protected] pls
    LOL, hahaahaha HAHA o LOL :laff: (watches smiley kisses the floor)

    :) sory man, but its damaera idea to say it on steam.
    Grega isn't water healing going to be added? because the characters won't heal in the water while the lost a lot of health.

    Avenger: nipples, nipples? nipples nipples nipples, nipples nipples.
    Cap_J: *rubs nipples*
    Avenger: Moobs? Nipples, moobs, nipples, nipples.
    ForthRain: avenger sitll here?
    ForthRain: Forgot to unblocking but Cap said the n word
    Cap_J: big, juicy, milk dripping nipples
    Cap_J: nebraska
    Avenger: Which witch was bewitched in norwich?
    ForthRain: wut o_O wut?
    Avenger: Heron likes it in the butt
    ForthRain: wut o_O
    Viper: And I thought Nix was your friend.
    Viper: How sad,
    ForthRain: Avenger wut wut o_O I can't hear you
    Heron: 'umbrella project'
    Heron: it must of branched out
    Heron: are you saying that each field of study flopped?
    ForthRain: Marvel lover
    Avenger: most probably did
    Avenger: all the cool ones flopped
    Avenger: :(
    ForthRain: wut o_O
    Avenger: either way
    Avenger: I'm pretty sure an entire scientific community would be pretty hard to suppress.
    ForthRain: Wut wut o_O
    ForthRain: Wuut o_O

    Avenger still posting nip*** words on me again.
    Awh, I'm just messing with you! I'd shoot Avenger too, just for the heck of it!
    what i meant is that u used a better signature back in the day..
    No offense to the designer
    I also wonder you don't reply at my profile. This way if you post in your own I don't get a notification that you've replied. :S

    BTW, I'm buying Boss GT-10 in some of the next few weeks :p
    Im not a moderator. Im more of a privileged user. Though noone minds if i erase a spambot or two every now and then ^^
    No. Im not a moderator. I have moderator access but thats due to my dev team position.
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