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    Poly Limit?

    The HL limit used to be 3,000 polyies per model, actually. Only now there's a way to avoid the poly limit, and pretty much even exceed 5,000 if you want to, even with 512x512 meshes. It may very well not be that wise to go that high though, since this -is- a beta, and it could cause some serious...
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    Gohan: Kid or Adult?

    Both should be implemented. The models look rather low poly as is. It shouldn't be that difficult. Animating, sure, that can be time consuming. Skinning (judging from the other ones in the game -- shouldn't be that much work.) There's too few characters as is for a DBZ game that's actually on...
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    Krillin wip, 17 wip

    They both look great. Even though I don't use Krillin, I prefer him in the orange gi, and Juunana-Gou's my favorite char, so I'll be looking forward to that release most of all. Great job on the models. Are you gonna add the pistol and holster on the opposite side of Juunana?