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    a new attack

    I dont know, short radious centered on the guy using it, effects of damage and knock back, it wouldnt be that bad, epesicaly if you made it take a long charging time to do any real damage
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    I have an idea, how about instead of one guy geting three wishs the entire team hes on gets one? not totaly true to the show, but still more balanced...kinda....
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    Beams speed

    Speed increases with power, every time someones stronger then someone else, someone is also faster, as are thier ki attacks, unless thier toying with thier target. That ALWAYS happens in the show. Also, when two people of equal strength are fighting, one often makes a VERY strong beam that...
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    The only way to fly...

    ahem, sorry, slight problem with my origanal suggestion and now it wont let me delete the post
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    Actually, auto alligning wouldnt always work out, what if you just wanted to deflect a blast instead of powerstruggling?
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    Singular Sticky to condense threads

    Hey all, its been a while since i posted, and after reviewing the forums for a bit ive realized that there are a LOT of posts to go through...(duh?)...ahem, anyways, since several of them are on the same topic, i thought it might neaten the boards if you made a sticky for commen topics like...
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    Other animes

    spike dies at the end?!?!? WHY DID YOU HAVE TO SAY THAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!? WHHHHYYYYYYYY!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? **** You! **** YOU TO ****!!!!! (im not even typing the swears, just stars, could you tell?) anyways thanks for ruining the series for me...
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    Other animes

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    Diving and Depth Charges

    ok, i might as well post what i sugest and let you move this too, sorry, again, sleep depervation tends to make one a little out of it. for diving, simply you cant move any faster when you take fly off than you normaly could while charging that attack, for the beam one, well i said that in the...
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    New Freeza Move!

    sorry i didnt realise what forum i was in...this is why you dont post without any sleep, and as for the fact ive been making so many threads, if i just make one big one people end up consintrating on one or two things, the rest gets ignored.
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    New Freeza Move!

    yes, ive thought of a new, never before seen freeza move! Energy Charge! remember when freeza and ssj goku were going at it? freeza covered himself in energy and charged goku who was firing a kamehameha. they then had a little struggle as goku tried to push freeza away, and freeza tried to keep...
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    Diving and Depth Charges

    ok, i know thats an odd title for a non submarine based game, but i have a reason for making it that, its about two things i think are flaws in the game, diving and depth charges. Diving- i dont just mean flying downard, i mean when you turn off flight while doing a move and droping much...
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    classifying this

    im curious, do the makes of ESF consider it a First Person Shooter or a Fighitng game? what do you all think? given its overly simple melee format, that involves charging at super speeds and knocks the opponent away, this seems to consentrate on range attacks where you then proceed to fire...
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    bot help

    i truely, utterly feel like a n00b (not a newbie, a n00b) for asking this, but i cant find where it says the command to add a bot to a server. i have the program but i dont know the console comand. :cry: i feel soooooo n00bish for having asked that...
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    Verious Pencil sketches of DBNG

    a tail, sayjins just look so much cooler with the tail.