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    video recording and audio

    quite a while ago one of the esf members posted a tut on how to get video and audio out of half life do any of you know were abouts i could fiund this or tell me how to do it peace out gpas
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    Where do you go at the end of the road

    this is alot like the fate and destany theaed but based more on people thoughts of the after life i think its kinda like reincarnation but you chose how you want your life to be (including animals) and you forget every thing live your life die and remeber every thing of your past lives and...
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    Risk Your Life

    hey dude is RYL any good
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    geting into advancde melee then just slaming them down as hard as i can with trunks
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    arg hude hitboxes

    hit boxes were all was alittle large in esf
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    Whats hardest for you in ESF.

    to many stand stills with AM combos
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    gutair question how do you palm mute

    sweet ill try that
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    gutair question how do you palm mute

    as the therd says im having troble doing this i thinki know how but cant do properly
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    TMS_RatsZ [Satan Final Edit]

    looks good whats with the cell poster
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    where are the high detail textures

    ok just i like the look high deatail textures gives and i remeber seeing screenshots of esf_nameks_revival and esf_cell_games having detail textures
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    where are the high detail textures

    hey i downloaded from an octagon server and installed it fine but when i play (using steam) only esf_tom has detail textures i looked in the folder and it only had the textures and stuff for esf_tom what happend to esf_cell_games detail textures and the other maps ?
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    Should there be a woman character in ESF?

    with #18 issues of power and no radar 1 power ussie still have power but it just regenartes faster than the othes (even while flying) so it just regenrates 5 times a fast as others when there on the ground 2 radar issue just make it so that other charecters can lowwer there pl and be...
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    hey man its good (btw this is being posted from a dell pocket pc)
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    make it more usable in advanced melee (i tried using turbo in am to get hte upper hand but it didnt work) jsut make it if i you had turbo on and went in to a.m you did more damge and it lowred the chance of a random arrow by 0.5% though to 2%)
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    second stage melee stuggle

    ----====second stage melee struggle====---- when you have won a melee struggle have it wait hafl a second before doing the combo ----====what to do with the half a second====---- if you press teleport in this time you and your combatant will start to teleport around the place trowing...