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    The Ultimate *MERGED* Gotenks Thread

    Plus theres already a model of Gotenks at It comes with sounds but it isnt too good. But the model is great only bad thing i didnt like that it had to take over Vegeta :/
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    Model options

    What i think would be fair for the team and the players is they allow to have 3 slots. 1 being the default and the other 2 being custom. That way the team doesnt have to make any more models cause they do enough as it is.
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    Gohan-Edit Possibly?

    Although i know you aimed for Gohan to be the young Gohan in the Saiyan Saga... but really no Kamehameha til SSJ? Because your leaving quite a time period from Saiyan Saga to middle of Cell Saga. And if you have him go SSJ2, Keep Kamehameha and add a father-and-son Kamehameha. Somewhat like a...
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    The Ultimate *MERGED* Gotenks Thread

    Yeah your right im just too used to playing EVM
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    The Ultimate *MERGED* Gotenks Thread

    WONDERFUL IDEA! I believe Gotenks is the best character(NOT STRONGEST). ANYWAYS to add onto to that i think that melee is a lil dumb. I think they should have it as a Special. And cooldown is like 7 minutes. And fusion would last for 5 minutes unless killed. You should add Chibi Trunks and...