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    more villains! and hench main henchmen!

    androids would be cool. Ginyu Force, and raditz too. but what about some movie villains? -Janemba -turles -brolly -slug -cooler -bojack
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    Are there going to be any model changes?

    where did you guys checkd the new models?
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    My mind about Beta

    i hav my own opinion about beta. (i know its just the beta but you should consider this opinions for future releases) 1-Gohans masenko should be called masenko, not "power beam" 2-I havent seen piccolo use a masenko in the series (or did he?), i think his 2d power its called sth like...
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    Where to find Server IPS

    Actually u can search for esf beta servers in all seing eye,. u have to look at the mod folders and search for others, and then others again and then others again...When your finished click refresh, and the servers should appear (therare a lot of beta servers so it shouldnt be difficult to see...
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    OK, i installed the beta, it works fine. Now, what should i do with the alpha? Should i uninstall it? does beta uses some of the alpha old files? or not?o_o