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    Krillin Reskin [WIP]

    ya the white eyes will look alot better
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    a good idea

    i just a warning for posting on a thread that was a year old that should not have been there unless u search for it but it was
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    King Kai Training

    xxx is write it would be a **** load easyer to learn the game with an ingame lesson
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    Changing the playlist

    u should search around in the folder before posting thats what i did and i found it write away
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    E S F

    why would u want 1.0 in the first place its inferior now with 1.1 out
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    where are you broly?????

    u should have realy done a search before posting this
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    Geez that a big file you got there...

    thats must have sucked ass
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    ya but if u only have 33.6k why did u delete it in the first place??
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    What is DMZ?

    this thread is a waste of space u could have just searched and found it easily, there are atleast 10 threads like this already.
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    a prob in instal

    download the file from another site then try to install it thats what i did and it worked
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    Admin commands

    u cant do this all the health is set and what do u mean more realistic to the series
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    Geez that a big file you got there...

    dial up sux so u will just have to wait for the download
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    I better get back chihi mite be mad when she sees that ive been gong for 10 years

    since this is ur first model its a good start but u should work on everything esspecialy the face
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    Incredible powerup when you are mad!

    well may be they could make it easyer to aim when ur in kaoiken and if its only kaoiken then maybe they could make it so u only loose hp afetr u go past kaoiken x15
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    help! i cant go online

    ya reinstall that is the answer to most problems