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    change melee to punch and kick make it ezier too...

    i think this melee is hard...... to hit i think they should make it ezier....and u dont bounce so far back
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    Anyone have tips for Krillin?

    i use D.D alot but sometimes i miss can some1 give me some tips for D.D
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    help please

    Sometimes i join a server the screen starts bouncing up and down and it crashes
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    Does nebody know how to make maps

    can ne1 tell me if they can make a map, im getting bored of the 1s i have
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    how do i exactly add bots?

    is there a site where i can download bots, and what do i unzip it to once i get it?
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    if u r having trouble installing ESF...

    i will try and help ne1 who has difficulty installing esf....if i cant help its the thought that counts right :]
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    I need some serius help... NOW

    1628 failed??? can u give me a lil more info
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    class chating...

    only 1 throw? i use a disk for about an hour cuz i just summon it back to me with alt fire
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    Vegeta sounds

    this is kinda off topic but it says sig made by trunks and i dont c a sig
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    Aura sound....

    why would u want to host it :confused:
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    class chating...

    ok ok u win
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    class chating...

    O_O yup but he does have a good move, freiza disk but then again when ur the ower of the move who is freiza for freiza disk he does have a deathballO_O
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    class chating...

    no sorry
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    class chating...

    off topic: ur avatar is kinda wierd on topic: yeah i guess he also has low ki off topic: ur avatar is kinda wierd
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    class chating...

    well i think cell is kind of cheap bcuz he has alot of good moves like special beam cannon etc