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    Night Elf painting

    Hehe, that was's my rendition of the dwarf on the front of the WoW box >_<
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    Goku- ON FIRE!

    Dear eyes! ...sorry, don't really find it appealing in any way.
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    A little drawing by me.

    You have my permission now. :)
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    A little drawing by me.

    Wow, been ages since I've posted here, anyways... Here's a character I made up in about 15 minutes, nothing great, but I kinda like it, tell me what you think :D (A 1-10 rating would be nice 1 being worst, ten being best)
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    I need a little help :(

    Hey guys, nice job on the mod! I have a problem now though, everytime I go to join a game I get an error saying "Half life launcher failed". Then the program just closes down. I restarted steam and my computer and I still get this everytime I go to join a game! Can anyone help?
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    DBZ Art...

    WOW, I don't post here at all, but now's the time to start. You didn't draw that at all! Way to take a cel image, and if it's not a cel it's someone elses. Way claim it as your own.'re "re-color" looks much WORSE than the original, know why? You didn't even color it the first...
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    Cell Shading Addon Beta Testers needed

    I agree with Sonic. But yeah I signed up as well...hope to hear from you soon
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    DRAGONBALL ZETA! on byond! (its a game! and its free! read!)

    Yea this game owns...I think I spammed Dragonball Zeta awhile back when i was playing ESF, Bryggz did you happen to be in there :p? Anyways if you guys see me I'm Gohan-MSX (Duh), if ya need help cause I'm a SSJ3 hehe , later.
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    new trunks

    Hey those are pretty good, only things that stick out to me are the fact that he has no pupils (which you probably did on purpose but it would look better with them trust me :D) and the SSJ Hair looks way WAY too pointy, if you fix those two things it would be perfect, Good job so far.
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    FINALY NON Battle damaged Mirai Gohan

    Can you please fix the link or get a different host...its broken :cry:
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    Kenshin!(Not nearly done)

    Ya there was a refrence and the reason the lines are low quality was because it was done on my computer, I used my tablet I'm still trying to get used to it, got like a few weeks ago
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    Kenshin!(Not nearly done)

    Sry for the double post but heres the updated and much MUCH cleaner version of the picture, easier to see and everything, so for those of you who wanna color it feel free, just give credits ;D here it is (wuhaha dare to compare to the old...old was icky!!)...
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    Kenshin!(Not nearly done)

    yea sure feel free to CG it, i'll probably Cg it myself too just make sure you give credits :laff:
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    Kenshin!(Not nearly done)

    Hey, well this is something I created in about half an hour, trying to practice my proportions anyway here it is, my not nearly finished Kenshin! (Copy and Paste into your browser!!) Any C&C is welcome!
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    Perfect Cell?

    Shouldnt this be in the final request thread maybe?...also try your nifty little search button ;D