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    Possible PS Bug

    I think you kids have to look at this from a coding point of view. I'm sure most of the explosions are done client side because harsens is a very smart coder. Theres prolly a missplaced pointer or something getting copyied where it shouldnt be. Again where not talking about very big numbers...
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    NS Classes

    I like being a marine with a really good comm because everything you ask for is dropped right on you if they know what they are doing. Otherwise I'm a gorge.
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    Im a pimp

    Hey its off topic and you dont have to click the link. I told you I was a pimp... Ohh and this is quoted from Deverz "I'm sick off seeing posts saying "this is spam a mod should close this" or "im going to close this cuz its spam oops im not a mod". If your not a mod we don't care what...
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    Im a pimp

    Ima pimp See I wasnt lieing.
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    make a dos bootable. Boot from the dos disk than type this in the console: format c: There everything is gone now retart your computer with a windows 2000(only win2k or linux because the rest suck) cd in the cd drive and install it.
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    Beta Questions

    as long as you have a good processor then you dont have to worry about fps loss. My comp sucks so even with my voodoo3(lol like its a good card for today...) I get hella fps loss.
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    --New HL Coder--

    omfg they still teach qbasic i need to go to some school and slap some sense into teachers. Dont give that s|-|it about it teaching you good coding habits because you dont learn anything good for it.
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    Trailer for Gladiator mod

    lol little too violent for germany? The entire countrys history was pleaged by war. Its only recently they started not showing that stuff.
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    ESB (Earths Special Bot) or Esf Bot

    An NN is a way for a bot to think hold on let me dig up a link.
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    how come ppl can have self made avatars???

    omg that venom sig is horrible...
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    omg xp is g4y... at least with 2000 you get iis and stuff.
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    ESB (Earths Special Bot) or Esf Bot

    now being a little bit a bot developer myself I got to ask since its offical its not a hook right? your just adding it to the code like bot 1 templete style? Also what do you have in mind? Neural network what?
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    Dragon Ball AF, Reality or Rumor?

    af isnt just fan manga because it is an acctual comic in japan. Now other than being a comic it may never come out on tv...
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    need 2 models and also sounds if you can

    pedifilia I make my wife play getting the bj while playing THATS the trick!
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    Which Sig should I use?

    I say 4th 2nd ones to tall