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    Wuts ur ESF name?

    Genesis or Powerslave I await sombody to say they are going to be called Bro-Lee
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    Guestion about client

    Do you ever read the news? ^^ lol Its coming out tomrow! (may 8th)
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    Is the dedicated server the actual thing?

    Technicly it is the -actual thing- but you wont be able to play it, just host a dedicated server on your computer for other people.
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    cant use DBZ music why?

    He hits the nail on the head, I was JUST about to say that.
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    Release Party

    Is there a decided time for the release party yet, I hope I dont have to do an alnighter lol.
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    Ents (or whatever they are called)

    Yup, thats the exact same thing that came to my mind. I wonder if what ypu are talking about exists?..
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    I like the idea :) It'd be cool if we set up different kinds of events like 2 vs 2 etc ^^
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    Thats a very valid point, but if so many people are downloading it, when people eventually take torrent off it probably wouldnt make a difference since by then more people will be probably trying to download it. But I think bit-torrent would only work for the 8th of may due to the insane ammount...
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    ? about the trailer

    you should right click it and save target as, to save their bandwidth ^^, get Divx or just download the codec from their site so you can watch it with mediaplayer, Divx Site
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    I have some questions about 1.2.

    Perhaps Darktooth ment alltogether? ^^
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    1.2 Release timezone

    People want to party on its release ^^
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    1.2 Release timezone

    Thanks for the quick reply Pcjoe :)
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    1.2 Release timezone

    Sorry for asking this, but its been driving me nuts all day >_> is there a specific timezone for the release of 1.2- just curious because I am sure quite alot of people are from europe (who play that is) and we'll have to download it at 2am when its like 7pm over in the states :) Not here to...
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    Beta 1.2 Trailer

    A very good video without a doubt, building the anticipation factior to its maximum!
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    one word story

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Earth was doomed thanks to no one's silly shoes. Suddenly, Super Vegetto smashed the hell out through a glass Frito. Suddenly, Darksun modelled NeLo naked, then [eD]! laughed, but the gigantic WANG slapped...