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    Making an anime music video

    I had lost my adobe premiere.. I just got it back so now I'll be able to start making it. Thanks for the tips , but im not sure if I can use them personally. Since im not that good I think I will just try a bit of what you guys said and then I will wait and see how it turned out. Hmm... I...
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    Making an anime music video

    I am interested in making an anime music video but I was wondering what should I pay attention to ? For example if I make one about Bleach's character Kenpachi. Should I just browse trough all the episodes to find good fighting scenes of him and try to implement them in a good way so it fits...
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    WTF???? Kitty's?

    it's a very old and very nicely done hoax... (and no the subject aint nice cuz i love cats.. >< )
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    Ssj2 Gohan drawing.

    his mouth is too close to his nose and his forehead is HUGE 0_0
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    rings wallpaper ?

    lil update and in different sizes 1028*768 1280*1024
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    rings wallpaper ?

    im sorry tryforce but i can only understand about 25% of what you are saying o_o :shocked:
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    rings wallpaper ?

    thanks.. you flatter me =P and alteh i know its abit plain but what else should i add ? it's abstract and therefore only the rings shoudl be in there. any ideas what i could add ?
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    Stellar: latest Space Abstact

    mind telling me how you make this stuff ? ^_^ and i really really like this.. its cool
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    rings wallpaper ?

    ya i used a tutorial for this but i gave it my own edge. rate and c&c plz :D and before all of you are gonna complain about filter usage. i DID use the stylize > wind filter.
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    Some kinda magic thingy....

    are you sure this isnt a tutorial ? because it really looks like one i've done a long time ago. but at least you made it look cool ^_^ i like the idea how you've done the sparkles going up but maybe reduce the "fog" between the sparkles heh i found the thing i was tlaking about.. and...
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    My first sig and avatar! Comment please :D

    most of the people here use adobe photoshop i think. at least i know alot of people do it's got tons of possibilities to customize your very own signature :)
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    Rate the Signature Above You

    it says NADZ lol ^_^ 8/10 like the stamp idea ;)
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    Rate the Signature Above You

    just like it ^_^ 9/10
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    psd cutouts

    he has been messaging me about this alot already.. -.- he said something about my benders and stuff like that. but he wont listen to me when i say you have to use stuff in photoshop to cut out (for example lasso tool lol)
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    This is not a thread, don't click!

    you use a different type of shading on the fingers then the one you use on the soulder pads. imo you should stick to 1 type of shading..