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    Can someone make a janemba model?

    a janemba model would be cool with new attacks and animations can someone make one?
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    new crosshair model

    I dont know if this thread belongs here or not so ill just post it here i want to extract a sprite i downloaded from redsaiyan but it says in winrar and winace its currupt. can someone give me the sprite itself cause my winrar and winace dont work.
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    im sorta new at this, whats a openGL?

    whats a openGL? how do i set my halflife to work in OpenGL? im new at this game stuff. thanx in advance for the info guys
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    martial arts tournament map

    can someone make a map of the world martial arts tournament but just inside the tournament arena though not outside that would be a cool map
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    is there anyway i can add an attack?

    is there anyway i can add an attack to any character or move the other characters attacks for another character to use?
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    why does my transformation not work?

    when i transform, it crashes ive read about changing my cl_fxquality but i dont want to change it is there any way i can do it without changing my cl_fxquality? i want to see the cool fx stuff for the transformation thanks alot guys
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    annoying glitch

    whenever i do any big blast the blast sphere always expands to fill the whole map it slows down the game and i get killed alot anyone know to fix it? Thanks alot guys